Self Government

The primary objective of the self-government initiative is to restore the balance of power to Whitecap Dakota First Nation. Self-governance allows communities to shape their social and economic well-being. Under self-government, bands develop and enforce their own laws regarding education, culture, finance, and lands. The Minister of Indian Affairs will no longer decide which laws could be passed, or which priorities are important. The community would become the ultimate authority over its own affairs in almost all of the sections of the Indian Act.

Our governance structure will be developed by our members through a community constitution and will be accountable to our own members.

Whitecap Dakota First Nation's Self Government department has three main focus areas:


Self-Government Negotiations

Dakota Reconciliation

Dakota Commemoration

Self Government - Fact Sheets


Our staff works closely in consultation with Chief and Council, the Self-Government Advisory Committee, Elders and community members to ensure that these projects are sensitive to Dakota perspectives, culture and customs.